By  Rev. Dean Beaty 9/29/02                                                 


I know that God is not like man, all evil He must shun.

  And yet one way whereby weíre one, He had an only Son.

No trials ever come His way.  From sin He must depart.

  And yet one thing we share alike.  He had a broken heart.


No doubt the angels watched in horror as they beheld the sight.

  The Son of God was hung in shame, despite His power and might.

They would have rushed to set Him free, if God would give the word.

  But as they watched Him dying there, the Father was not heard.


I know that God is not like man, with Him there is no night.

  And yet one thing, in common share, He could not bare the sight.

He turned His back upon the Son, as darkness hid His face,

  While Jesus shed His precious blood to save the human race.


When God beheld that awful sight the earth began to quake,

  But this was all part of the plan, redemptionís price to make.

Long before the world began, the cross had been Christís aim.

  To save the lost from sin and death, is why the Savior came.