By Dean Beaty  7/11/04

Some refuse to serve the Lord, for they donít see the gain.

Thereís not enough to see it, to go through all the pain.
They look for crowds and numbers to build up their own name.
Itís not the Lord they glorify, advancing their own fame.
It takes a crowd or multitude to make them stand up tall.
If they canít preach to many, then they wonít preach at all.
Donít look to see whoíll know youíre there, or whatís the recompense.
It is enough to serve alone, when Godís the audience.
The place we serve may be obscure, affecting just a few.
But we will learn in heaven, our work, the Father knew.
So do the work Godís given you, as unto God alone.
Theyíll be a day in heaven, when God will make it known.
There is no work that we have done, that will not reap reward.
The widow only had one mite, but gave all to the Lord.
That God would note the widowís mite, to some it made no sense.
But He takes note of little things, when Godís the audience.