By Dean Beaty  11/22//05
Just swaddling clothes was my Saviorís dress,
That I might be clothed in His righteousness.
No room in the inn, they turned Him away.
But He has a home for all who obey.
The king was made low as part of this race,
To make trophies of His wonderful Grace.
Then, only the shepherds knew of His birth.
But His name has spread all over the earth.
The Lord gave His life that others might live.
Confess Him as Lord and He will forgive.
The world only sees a babe in a stall,
But we know Him now as the great Lord of all.
God gave of Himself, the gift of His love.
The heir of all things, from heaven above.
New life is for all who choose to believe.
That is our message on this Christmas Eve.