By Rev. Dean Beaty   3/2/08
You gave them the skill to melt iron in heat.
Then they made nails for His hands and feet.
They also made spears to conquer and divide.
They took your gift and thrust in His side.
You gave them great flowers with buds big and bright.
Teaching them to weave the fibers so tight.
They took the thorns that grow on the bough.
Weaving them together crushed down on His brow.
You gave them lumber to sail the great seas.
But they made a cross from one of these trees.
You gave them your Son.  From sin He was free.
They took your gift to hang on a tree.
What have you done with what God has brought?
All of the skills your hands God has taught.
How about His Son, your pardon for sin?
Have you by faith asked Him to come in?