Matthew 5:45  I John 2:2

By Rev. Dean Beaty    4/26/08


The understanding of this is a must.

ďGod sendeth rain on the just and unjust.Ē

Why should God care if sinnersí crops all grow?

It is the proof that from Him all blessings flow.


The LOVE of God calls man thatís lost in sin,

To find forgiveness and be born again.

The GRACE of God gives what we cannot earn.

All this from God and heaven in return.


His MERCY takes the penalty away.

A debt that we could never ever pay.

All this was paid by Christ on Calvary.

It was Godís gift to ALL humanity.


Those who receive or those who scorn, the same.

Pardon is theirsí to call upon His name.

So for the just and unjust, sinís been paid.

God calls in grace until the choice is made.