By Rev. Dean Beaty   3/3/08


If our Father sees the sparrow that falls down to the earth,

Will He then not care for you who are of such great worth?

But then you say, ďOf how much worth are sinners such as I?Ē

So much, God gave His only Son on Calvary to die.


This gift was not an impulse, but God acted from a plan.

It was Godís full intension before the world began.

Yes, it was before the garden, and Adamís awful fall.

Godís purpose was to send His Son as payment for us all.


The love of God goes far beyond what finite man can know.

To think, that God spared not His Son, because He loved us so.

This has to be the grandest gift mankind has ever known.

And then to know through Godís great grace and mercy it was sown.


It was by far the only way to reconcile the race.

Godís work alone, received by faith, this is the gift of grace.

My friend, have you received Godís gift by calling on His name.

Salvation is Godís gift to you, for every man the same.