By Rev. Dean  Beaty   2/25/08
When God desired to speak to men,
To save them from the paths of sin.
He chose a humble time and place.
And spoke to them there face to face.
Their sins called for a sacrifice.
A spotless lamb, the only price.
This mission was the greatest one.
And so God chose His only Son.
God showed to man His love and power.
And yet His gift they did devour.
They hung Him on a cruel tree,
And mocked Godís gift in wicked glee.
They didnít know that what theyíd done,
Had paved the way for Godís own Son,
To pay the debt of the whole race.
His sacrifice would take their place.
Now by our faith in Godís own Son.
The gift of heaven can be won.
By dying on that blood stained knoll,
Christ saved mankindís eternal soul.