By Rev. Dean Beaty  2/6/06
“Suffer the little children to come then unto me”
It’s more than a commandment it’s something like a plea.
For to the heart of children there is a special key.
The key is love and kindness and this is plain to see.
When we were all yet children, the door swung easily.
But time and sin can cause it not to swing so free.
The Lord spoke very clearly of entering as a child.
Their faith has not been shattered.  Their life not yet defiled.
Sure we are all born sinners, of that God’s word is clear.
So teach them God’s word early and early they will hear.
If it is your purpose to bring men unto God,
Then start when they are children, before sin’s path they’ve trod.
A child’s soul is eternal, just as any man’s.
So treat it very carefully with tender loving hands.
‘Twould be better that a millstone were hung around our neck.
Than we, by foolish actions should cause a child to wreck.