By Rev. Dean Beaty  1/30/05


The scripture says that, ďGod is Love.Ē Not just in word but deed.

For He must be our sacrifice, if we are to be freed.

There is a love that goes beyond the measurements of men.

A love that led Him willingly to give His life for sin.


He could have stayed on Godís right hand, on His throne above.

He chose to leave it all behind to demonstrate His love.

He did not only come to preach, to tell the lost the way.

But gave Himself to die for sin, redemptions price to pay.


No greater love could mankind know than for a friend to die.

But Jesus died for sinful men who did not qualify.

All my works are filthy rags.  No way to reach Godís throne.

No one could pay my debt of sin, but Christ and Christ alone.


The height of Godís all reaching love, beyond all outer space.

The breadth of Godís inclusive love, all those of Adamís race.

The depth of Godís eternal love, depths of depravity.

The length of Godís longsuffering love, beyond eternity.