Psalm 139  by  Rev.  Dean Beaty  3/18/08
Search me, O God, and know all my heart.
Thou knowest my being in every part.
Nothing is hid from Thy all seeing eye.
Thou compassest my path wherever it lie.
Thou knowest the words that spring from my tongue.
Inside and out, however far flung.
If my bed were in hell, Thou would be there.
Or ascend into heaven, Iím still in Thy care.
If I were to dwell in the depths of the sea,
Or the wings of the morning, there wilt Thou be.
If I should say, ďThe darkness will hide.Ē
Surely Thy presence is there by my side.
Darkness and light are the same unto Thee.
Wherever I go, Lord, Thou wilt see me.
There is no place beyond Thy scope.
Therefore in Thee do I always have hope.