By Rev. Dean Beaty  5/10/03
God’s second greatest gift to men,
Since saving them from mortal sin.
With love, was given just as much.
‘Twas flesh and blood that we might touch.
This gift was for both man and child.
And thus He gave a heart that’s mild.
A wife and mother for each one.
The greatest gift, since His own son.
She watches o’er them day and night.
She gives them what she knows is right.
She puts their needs before her own.
And by her deeds, right ways are shown.
God in wisdom knew what’s best,
And so their held close to her breast.
And there, till weaned a bond is made.
That lasts till lights within us fade.
Her time will never be her own.
Not even when they’re fully grown.
All she has is for another.
That’s why they love to call her mother.