By Rev. Dean Beaty  3/23/03


Spring is such a wondrous time, the renewal of the earth,

Reminding us of Godís great love, His gift of the new birth.

Things once held in winterís grip are loosened by Godís hand.

Now rise to vibrant beauty as are seen across the land.


Some give tribute to the sun, the lengthening of day.

But I give tribute to my God who made it all that way.

Some see beauty all around and in its warmth they share.

But never see the God of love who put the beauty there.


ďHe opens His hand and satisfies the desire of living things.Ē*

Above all else He gave Himself, eternal life He brings.

Oh thank you Lord that every year you give us spring again.

But thank you more for your shed blood that cleanseth us from sin.


*Psalm 145:16