Isaiah  55:11   By Rev.  Dean Beaty


Thereís only one thing that wonít return void.

On this you can count, it canít be destroyed.

For Godís word is true, its purpose is sure.

It wonít return void, for it will endure.


Only by preaching the truth of Godís word,

Can salvation come to those whoíve not heard?

Its truth will endure, as will God himself.

Donít leave it unread with dust on the shelf.


Love letters from God to show us His heart.

That speaks of His love that cannot depart.

It will accomplish Godís purpose divine.

Nothing can stop it, not your strength or mine.


Though men may burn it and ban it from view.

It will continue, for Godís word is true.

It will accomplish the purpose Godís planned

It wonít return void.  It is Godís command.