By Rev. Dean Beaty  7/31/07
No gift from God is a mistake.
With thoughtful heart each gift I take.
The good and perfect gift is given.
They all are from my God in heaven.
Each gift is wrought from Godís own hand,
Though I know not how Heís planned.
And so I trust in every part,
Because I know my Fatherís heart.
In every gift Godís love is shown,
Though time may pass before itís known.
By faith alone some gifts are seen
A gift from God, some good to glean.
So I receive what God hath planned,
As from a Fatherís loving hand.
Iíll trust in God and not depart,
Because I know my Fatherís heart.
His love was shown to you and me,
Through His own Son on Calvary.
This gift so great, from God above,
Forever shows the Fatherís love.
So thereís no doubt how God has planned,
This too, is from the Fatherís hand.
His gift to me let Him impart,
Because I know my Fatherís heart.
James 1:17  ďEvery good and ever perfect gifts is from above,
and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no
variableness, neither shadow of turning.Ē