By Rev. Dean  Beaty  7/23/03


In naked shame He took my place

There on the cross in dire disgrace.
Jesus, God’s pure spotless lamb was slain.
All of the sins of mankind on Him lain.
Making a full sacrifice through His pain.
He paid my debt, ‘twas for me He was slain.
They smote and spit upon His face.
With hateful hearts they nailed Him in place.
Jesus, whose hands healed the sick and the lame,
Nailed to the old rugged cross now in shame.
This was the purpose for which Jesus came.
There on the cross, Jesus took all my blame.
Open my eyes that I may see,
Jesus my Lord, on that cruel tree.
Lord, break my heart in deep agony.
As I behold Him on Mt. Calvary.
Then let me tell how His blood sets men free.
For mankind’s sin, there is no other plea.
“Cursed is he who hangs on a tree.”*
He was made sin for you and for me.
Only the blood of God’s Son could atone.
Trusting His sacrifice by faith alone.
There are no works of my hands I can bring.
Only to His precious blood will I cling.
*Galatians 3:13