By Rev. Dean Beaty 4/11/02


The world has many gods but worships in fear.

No love from their god ever draws them near.

Compassion and mercy to them are not shown,

For the truth of Godís love to them is not known.


Theyíve no Father, no Shepherd, no comforting friend.

Just the fear of death as they come to the end.

Uncertainty follows them day after day.

They have no Father to show them the way.


No Father, have they to help show them the way.

They walk in the night, though it is day.

They know not the truth of Godís love for men.

How He died on the cross to save them from sin.


When Christ taught on prayer, He showed them Godís plan.

ďOur FatherĒ He prayed, is how He began,

We call and He hears from His throne up above.

I thank God my Father, for my Fatherís love.


The creator of the world still loves me I know.

In all of His word Iím told it is so.

To me Heís my Father, my dearest friend.

His love for His children never will end.