By  Rev. Dean Beaty   2/26/08
Why do preachers not speak about hell?
Is it because it just will not sell?
Are we afraid to tell them the truth?
Do we believe it will scare our youth?
“I don’t believe in it any more.”
“It’s just a subject that I ignore.”
Yet Jesus spoke of it often enough.
So why don’t we call those preacher’s bluff?
Jesus spoke of it with words like “fire.”
He wasn’t afraid He would raise their ire.
He spoke of torments that never end.
From its depths one would never ascend
But there’s a fact of this horrid place.
It was not made for the human race.
Satan and his angels was its intent.
Not for mankind was it ever meant.
And just to prove what I say is so.
Come with me please and to Calvary go.
There on the cross Jesus died for sin.
So that hell’s gates we would not enter in.