By Rev. Dean  Beaty   10/3/06
  ďO worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness.Ē Psalm 96:9
In the beauty of holiness. weíre to worship the King.
For it matters to God what offering we bring.
The questionís as old as Abel and Cain
We must come Godís way or else itís in vain.
Holiness is beautiful as seen from Godís eyes.
But anything less by Him is despised.
Yet I am not holy, my sinís like a flood.
But all that is changed, itís under the blood.
Christ said weíre to worship in spirit and truth.
As one thatís redeemed, as in Boaz and Ruth.
Our Lord shed His blood, the sacrifice made.
Now I am redeemed, the price has been paid.
I stand before God, as clean as His Son.
 By Jesus alone the victory is won.
Clothed in His righteousness, in garments of white.
My worship is beautiful in Godís holy sight.