By  Dean Beaty  7/21/02
How can you measure the gift of God's love?
That lifts a lost sinner to heaven above.
For one lost in sin, only blood can atone,
By faith in the Savior, through God's grace alone.
No there’s no way to measure God's love for His own.
The love that caused Jesus to leave His blest throne,
To come to the world and to die for our sins,
How could I measure, where would I begin?
How can you measure the price Jesus paid?
His shed blood on Calv'ry, the way has been made.
To save a poor sinner from infinite loss,
And all this was paid by His death on the cross.
How can you measure the joy that a waits?
We'll meet our blest Savior and walk through the gates.
Forever with Jesus, all tears wiped away.
How can we measure the joy of that day?