By  Rev. Dean  Beaty   3/10/08


If Christ had not risen from out of the tomb,

Mankind would be headed for eternal doom.

Lost in despair, having no where to turn.

No other way, man’s salvation to earn.


As Paul said succinctly, to those whom he wrote.

“Your faith then is void.”  And that is a quote.*

What’s more there is this, I say with chagrin,

We are most miserable and yet in our sin.


If Christ is not risen then we have no hope.

Lost in sin’s anguish in darkness we grope.

No one to hear when on Jesus we call.

There would be silence and that would be all.


But Jesus IS risen, alive from the grave.

He is the Redeemer.  Our souls He can save.

Oh, trust Him today.  Please make no delay.

Your prayer He will answer.  He’ll not turn away.


*I Corinthians 15:14-19