By  Dean Beaty 10/7/02
“In everything give thanks,” was given Paul, by God.
Whether things in heaven, or on this earthly sod.
Since all things come from God, the beauty and the beast,
The universe in total or atoms in the least.
Even in our sorrow, when life has brought us loss.
There’s new life that’s coming because of Jesus’ cross.
Heaven is our future, where streets are paved with gold.
So all the more I’m thankful, though I’m growing old.
“In everything give thanks,” since you are loved by God.
And even when there’s trials, do not think it’s odd.
For trials have their purpose, in Peter we are told,
For they have greater value, more precious than of gold.
“In everything give thanks,” since God makes no mistakes.
You know that He has promised, His own He’ll not forsake.
So since our Lord is with us, to comfort and to guide,
Be ever, always thankful.  The Lord is by our side.
“In everything give thanks,” for sure without a doubt.
Greater is He within you, than he that is without.
And since the Lord is for us, who can be against?
For surely God is greater.  Of that I am convinced.