In the Beginning

Genesis 1 & Romans 1:28

By Rev. Dean Beaty     5/5/08


“In the beginning God.” You know we can’t have that.

We’ll teach we came from monkeys, insisting it’s a fact.

We have degrees like PHD’s, from A to Z and more.

We’ll laugh at God and make up proofs and push them out the door.


 Inventing means of measurement.  We’ll carbon date the thing.

We’ve solve the problem of the stars.  “It started with a bang.”

Who could argue against that?  It’s just like dynamite.

We don’t need to test it out, like Franklin with a kite.


If it can’t be done that quick, just add a million years.

Draw him as he walks upright.  At stake are our careers.

We know it happened just like that.  The mural shows it’s true.

First all fours then standing straight, now he looks like you.


“Neanderthal,” now that sounds swift.  It is so scientific.

“Adam,” is the name they have.  It’s not so very terrific.

 But wait a minute, that’s all we’ve got?  Just one lousy tooth?

We’ll build him as a hairy ape and tell the lie as truth?


“And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge,

God gave them over to a reprobate mind…”  Romans 1:28