I S A I A H    53:4-5
By  Rev. Dean Beaty  3/24/08
Oh what a wonderful cause for relief.
Jesus our Lord has “borne all our grief,”
Suffering anguish on the old rugged tree,
He died there in shame for both you and me.
“He carried our sorrows “ as God laid them there.
Scourged by the soldiers, His back was laid bare.
“Smitten by God “with the sins of the world,
Enduring the insults the angry mob hurled.
“He was wounded for our transgressions.”
As they shouted their hateful intentions,
“Crucify Him, He’ll not be our King.”
And this from His own, what a horrible thing.
“The chastisement of our peace was laid upon Him.”
This dread cup of grief was filled to the brim.
“With His stripes we are healed,” from sin’s deadly curse.
Was love ever so great in the whole universe?