By Rev. Dean  Beaty  2/27/08


Jacob had a brother.  His name was ole Esau.

Relationships between them could use a good warm thaw.

Esau sold his birthright for just a pot of beans.

When Jacob went home to collect, he did it with some schemes.


His mother, named Rebecca, was helper in the plot.

To take ole Esau’s birthright, not part but the whole lot.

This scheming did not sit well with Esau on that day.

“You better take off out of here, or else I’ll make you pay.”


Did I say what Jacob means?  Deceiver and a cheat.

Not the most trust worthy chap you’d ever want to meet.

But one day God would stop him, and make Jacob think twice.

Because when you trick others it isn’t really nice.


When you practice to deceive, you can be deceived too.

By his wife’s own dad no less, for he was a mean shrew.

Jacob loved young Rachel, but then when he awoke.

It was the elder Leah.  To him it was no joke.


They bore to him twelve boys.  These were his own new clan.

This was the nation Israel.  All by just one man.

Joseph was his favorite.  And he, sold as slave,

Became the family’s savior by being wise and brave.