By Rev. Dean Beaty 2/22/08


There was a man whose name you know, who God called on one day,

To go and preach in Ninevah but he went the other way.

It took a storm and the great fish to turn the prophet round.

The fish obeyed Godís every word and spewed him on dry ground.


Once set right upon the path he preached to ready ears.

And they repented of their sin in humility and tears.

Donít close the book Iím not through yet, thereís plenty more to come.

Not satisfied he stuck around, instead of heading home.


And so he climbed a nearby hill to watch the coming sight.

He could not stand to know that God could love those nasty Ninevites.

For they were different than his kind, vile sinners from the fall.

But hereís the moral of the truth, God loves us one and all.


So the next time God says to go to men not quite like you.

Donít run away or doubt Godís Word.  Youíll find His call is true.

Godís Word will not return to you void of its planned purpose.

So take a boat or fish you like or take a Greyhound bus.