By  Rev. Dean Beaty  8/26/04

(idea from George Sousa)

Saul aimed his spear to hit the heart,
But hit the wall with his thrown dart.
Was Saul so bad with dart and spear?
Or was it just, that God was near?
David whirled his sling around.
He aimed to bring Goliath down.
Was he that good with sling and stone?
Or was Godís power in glory shown?
As Israel marched around the wall,
Could they alone cause it to fall?
Blow the trumpets, shout with might.
Walls only fall, when itís Godís fight.
When Peter walked upon the sea.
He asked, ďLet me come unto Thee.Ē
But Peterís walk did not last long.
Though he had faith, it wasnít strong.
When Samson fought the Philistines.
His cause for strength could not be seen.
Was it his hair that made him strong?
Or did Godís Spirit fight the wrong?
Was it Moses who held the rod,
That caused the sea to be dry sod?
To think Ďtwas him, would be quite odd.
No, I believe that it was God.
When a sinner is born again,
Made Godís child and cleansed from sin.
Is it his works that makes him whole?
Or Jesusí blood that cleansed his soul?
Weíre all involved in Godís great plan,
But all thatís good, is by Godís hand.
The potter molds the yielding clay.
Will we likewise, our Lord obey?