II  Samuel 15

By Rev. Dean Beaty    4/27/08


When Israel looked around them their neighbors had a king.

Choosing this instead of God, they thought it a good thing.

Saul was head and shoulders taller than the rest.

Looking on the outside, they thought he was the best.


The fact that he was taller to them it was enough.

But when they went to find him he hid among the stuff.

It appears that he was bashful but this did not last long.

The pride in his new kingship led him to go wrong.


When Samuel did not show up and was a little late.

Saul acted as the priest himself, he did not hesitate.

He offered a burnt offering which only priest could do.

God’s judged him for this sin, his kingship He withdrew.


Then God spoke to Samuel and Samuel said to Saul.

“When thou wast little in thine eyes, I made thee king of all.”

Saul did what he wanted just like a strong willed brat.

“Rebellion is as witchcraft,” you know how God hates that.


Next God chose young David who watched his father’s sheep.

And blessed his reign in Israel, God laws he tried to keep.

Man looks on the outside while God looks on the heart.

Stature is not the answer.  God’s Word is where you start.