By   Dean  Beaty  6/17/04


One thing I ask Lord, I pray this for Kurt.

Keep both his hand safe.  Donít let them get hurt.

You know how careless he sometimes can be.

Sanders and forklifts, he sure does scare me.


If red hair is lucky, then rub him real good.

So he will be careful to do as he should.

One arm pianists arenít in great demand.

You canít play both ends with only one hand.


Such talents and gifts are really quite rare.

Theyíre almost enough to oíer look his red hair.

But red hair is better than no hair at all.

At least heís not shinny, like a pool cue ball.


But back to his gifts, before I forget.

I thank lady Pinkston, that back there they met.

Though courtship was rough, so some folk might say.

They finally made it to their wedding day.


Iím glad that they did, cause now, love times three.

Gave sweetest grand kids for mommy and me.

So watch oíer those hands, that they may still bring,

Great music for God, so we can all sing.