KURT  AT  39

By Papaw

Buck up ole Kurt and donít you whine,

Just because youíre thirty-nine.
You can take it on the chin,
And next year do it all again.
With this fib, there is no sin.
And none will know your 4x10.
So every year just look the same.
Thatís the way you play the game.
Youthís not lost in distant past,
Cause thirty-nine can be a blast.
These arenít the years of your decline,
Just because youíre thirty-nine.
Stand up straight and stand up tall.
And thirty-nine will be a ball.
Lifeís experiences now combine.
For life begins at thirty-nine.
Each year wiser youíll arrive.
Until the day youíre fifty-five.
Then this new age you will flout.
Cause seniors get a big discount.