KURT  AT  40

By  Dean Beaty  3/15/06

What can you do with just ten digits?
You might invent a brand new widget.
Something to make our life more easy.
Something to clean what we’ve gotten greasy.
Or you could practice for hours on end,
At first annoying both family and friend.
Doing your scales both sharp and flat,
Raising the hair on the back of the cat.
He could have relaxed and gone to the mall.
But he had his eye on Carnagee Hall.
And after the lessons and money out poured,
He could now play what Mendelssohn scored.
I was just kidding about Carnagee fame.
His great desire was to lift up God’s name.
So with his ten digits from pinky to thumb,
He practiced for hours until they were numb.
Now when he plays, I shout out “Aman!”
Like Bogart of old, “Play it again Sam.”
It lifts up my spirit and makes my heart skip.
He tickles the ivories with seldom a slip.
He plays it so well I take back what I said.
“Don’t bring home a guy with red on his head.”
One day his son Eric will call him “sir shorty.”
Cause you’ll start to shrink, now that you’er forty.