Laura Clay, On Becoming a Doctor of Medicine

 By Dean Beaty 5/19/03


The wondrous day has come at last.

Her finals now are in the past.

And as she walks across the stage,

We think back to another age.

When just a child she saw the need,

To take the Hippocratic creed.

‘Twas not a great example seen,

For he, the practice did demean.

But she would set a different style,

With comfort wise and manner mild.

Compassion starts the healing trend,

And love will make the weakest mend.

With generosity to spare,

She gives her self to other’s care.

Her hands will help to heal the ill.

Her heart also, with tender skill.

And now she’s, Dr. Laura Clay,

With schooling bills left yet to pay.

But we are proud of what she’s done,

And in our eyes, SHE’S NUMBER ONE.