By Papaw  8/17/02


I know a girl who likes to giggle.

Most of her teeth are loose and wiggle.

What a funny girl, this Leah Gabrielle.

But all the boys still think she’s swell.


She plays the piano with a toothless grin.

By the time she’s married, will they all grow in?

“What a funny sight” the folks would say,

A toothless bride on her wedding day.


But I guess there’s time. She’s only seven.

We’ll buy false teeth when she’s eleven.

Maybe her thumb has pushed them out.

When I pull it out, it makes her pout.


But a toothless smile is better than none.

And when she giggles, she’s like the sun.

Bright and cheerful, moving clouds away.

When she’s around, it’s a better day.


It’s better to giggle than to cry and fuss.

That’s why God sent little Leah to us.

I’m glad she sees the side that’s funny.

She makes our day so bright and sunny.