By Dean Beaty 7/25/04


Like a rose upon a lattice,

Showing forth it’s beauty rare.

Such a beauty is my Gladys,

And the love that we two share.


Forty years, the road we’ve traveled.

But not time, our love can chill.

Forty years have not unraveled.

For our love is stronger still.


Who could know those hearts so tender,

As the vows were made that day?

They knew not what life would render,

As they went upon their way.


One thing only, and this their goal,

That side by side they’d share their love.

To fit together, have and hold,

Like a hand within a glove.


Like a rose upon a lattice,

She the beauty, I the strength.

Holding up my lovely Gladys.

To our love, Lord, add more length.