By Rev. Dean Beaty   4/2/08


ďOh ye of little faith.Ē Christ said at least four times.

Perhaps this statement would be true of us also sometimes.

Christ didnít say they had ďNOĒ faith, or there was none at all.

He meant their faith was minuscule, thatís very, very small.


Faith is like a small acorn.  Nourish it and it will grow.

It will become a mighty oak, too big to overthrow.

Though faith is small, if it exists though just a tiny germ.

We must believe that though itís small, our faith God will affirm.


A little lad with just five loaves, two fish and that was all.

He gave them to the Lord one day.  The rest you will recall.

No doubt he didnít figure on feeding the whole bunch,

Maybe just a token gift to give the Lord some lunch.


Faith with obedience and Godís power makes a mighty stew.

Five thousand ate up all they could before the Lord was through.

Food and exercise regularly will make the body strong.

Feed and exercise your faith.  In this you wonít go wrong.