LYDIA  AT  10  

By Papaw   4/25/03


Oh what a wonderful joy.

For sure this girl is not coy.*

She makes us all grin,

And now she is ten.

Too late dad, to ask for a boy.


What does it mean to be ten?

‘Fore long her friends will be men.

Her charms they are plenty.

She’s not far from twenty.

Oh daddy, where will it end?


We know she’s had more than one bow.

These are with horse hairs although.

But it won’t be long now.

She’ll be saying a vow.

With groomsmen all lined in a row.


She’s perky and pert** as can be.

She’s been this way long before three.

But now that she’s ten,
All prizes she’ll win.

Because of her mother, you see.


*Shrinking modestly, shy, usually applied to women.

**Saucily free in speech or action.  Lively; sprightly