By Papaw  4/2/06


It seems to me I had a dream,

Of one I knew who turned thirteen.

How I hoped this wasn’t true.

So this, I said, will never do.


For when this comes, it won’t be long,

Before this precious one is gone.

So quickly now the years fly by.

But stopping this, I would not try.


So, soon the time and days draws near,

A special lady will appear.

No longer little “chicken wing,”

Who bounced and flounced and jumped from things.


But then grown up with special grace,

The light of love upon her face,

Guided by God’s loving hands,

There, with another one she stands.


Now you know just why I said.

This draws near with fear and dread.

For she’s no more a child so little,

Especially when she plays that fiddle.