(From Her Dadís Perspective)

By Papaw Beaty  4/3/08



LYDIA is fifteen years old!?  Somehow itís just not fair.

While she just looses childhood, all I loose is hair.

I believe itís a mistake cause do you realize?

Look at her from way last year.  Sheís still the same small size.


She canít see over the steering wheel.  Her feet donít reach the brake.

And I look on, full of woe with a bad headache.

But time moves on, what can I say?  Six years, sheís on her own.

Insurance is high and so am I till some guy gives her a stone.


He better be a special sort with the patience of a Job.

Heíll be in debt for all his life to pay for her wardrobe.

Thatís okay, sheíll help somehow she plays the violin.

Sheíll do the job help here and there till he gets his sheepskin.


When all that is said and done she beats all else by far.

With her smile and winning ways she is a trophy star.

Just think thereís just two kids left still fledglings in the nest.

All in all I thank the Lord that I have been so blessed.