By Rev. Dean Beaty  9/01/01


In a town in South Dakota, lived a boy who could not speak.

Cerebral palsy gripped his body, made his speech feeble and weak.

He desired to speak to other of the love of God for man.

Though his words could not be followed, yet the boy still had a plan.


Max’s only way to travel from his home to town and back,

Was a wagon he could sit in, there he kept his gospel tract.

In the city square you’d find him.  This was his means of praise.

“Gospel track?” his only question, in a shaky hand he’d raise.


Men with voices strong and steady, yet no witness do they give.

Do not speak to men of Jesus, how He’s able to forgive.

Max will have reward in heaven, a crown for souls that he has won.

Will we stand ashamed someday, for the work we have not done?


Lord, help me use whatever talent you have placed within my hand,

Knowing there’s a day of judgment when before God’s throne I’ll stand.

Show me Lord my place of service that Thy name be glorified.

Help me Lord to see the Harvest, souls for whom You bled and died.


*Included below is a note from Max’s pastor, Rev. Loren Anderson:

   We remember one night when Max was at our door and he was waving wildly with his hands

in excitement for he had led a young man to the Lord and wanted us to meet him.