II Samuel 4 & 9

By Rev. Dean Beaty   4/17/08


Mephibosheth, now there’s a name to wrap around your tongue.

He had a problem for he was dropped when he was very young.

He was lame in both his feet.  He couldn’t walk at all.

He is a type of all mankind.  We’re broken by the fall.


Mephibosheth was born to reign.  His grandpa was the king.

Saul disobeyed the Lord one day and he lost everything.

Though the deed was not the lad’s, he suffered for it too.

Sin passed down through all these years has cursed both me and you.


But there was one who loved his dad.  David was his name.

He became the king and killing Goliath was his fame.

David made a covenant with Jonathan, Saul’s son.

“I’ll deal kindly with your kin if the battle is not won.”


Saul and Jonathan died in war and David became king.

But he recalled the oath he gave to do this noble thing.

So he sent for Mephibosheth, who lived in poverty.

Mephibosheth was given a home and money to live free.


This sounds familiar, just like us, we’re crippled by the fall.

But God’s great love paid for our sin, through Christ, you will recall.

Now a home’s prepared for us, for Christ has made us free.

And we can live with Christ our Lord for all eternity.