By   Rev. Dean  E.  Beaty  11/5/07


Where’s the little girls I knew so long ago?

She has kids of her own, and watches them all grow.

How very soon they’ll be, the same as she is now.

Then she will wonder too, just where and when and how?


Once a little one who needed so much help.

Now all day and night in charge of her own whelp.

How soon they all grow up before your very eyes.

Then, forever gone, those strong parental ties.


Seasons come and go, like winter with its snow.

Some things last a life while others come and go.

Kids are meant to change with love and prayers and tears.

Trust them to God’s hands.  He’ll calm your doubts and fears.


What will last forever? The constant love you’ve sow!

You reap it all again, when finally they’re grown.

They’re not so far away when they are in your heart.

Thus hidden safely there, they never will depart.