By Rev. Dean  Beaty  2/23/08


Do you quiver and quake,
When you see a big snake?
No doubt Moses felt the same way.
But Godís voice from the fire,
Was like a great choir.
What God said he would have to obey.
In obedience to God,
Snakes change to a rod.
He was ready to do the Lordís will.
Though Godís people were slaves,
There would be no more graves,
On the side of an Egyptian hill.
So he led Israel out,
With a song and a shout.
But it looked like they all would now drown.
Then God sent a great breeze.
And it parted the seas.
And they all walked across on dry ground.
So when ever you face
An impossible race.
Where you fear you will stumble and fail.
Just do not look back
But stay on the track.
With Godís help you will surely prevail.