By Rev. Dean Beaty 2/23/03

More prayers have been offered to God from this earth

From mothers, for children for whom they gave birth.
Than all of the prayers for illness or pain,
Or even for cleansing from sinís awful stain.
How many long nights she spent only in prayer?
That God would protect them with His tender care.
How many tears were shed for us as she prayed?
For fear that her children might wander astray.
More souls will reach heaven, Godís glory to share.
By mothers who prayed for the ones in their care.
Than all of the preachers, as Godís word they bare.
Or all of the churches with spires in the air.
Thank God for the mothers who pray for their own.
Thank God for their tears.  For us theyíve been sown.
Thank God for the pathway of right thatís been shown,
By mothers who kept us before Thy great throne.