By Dean Beaty 3/22/06


‘Twas the night before conference, while at B.J.U.

A large bird was stirring, like an Emu.

Mr. Muller was driving his car with great care,

When a big turkey buzzard came through the night air.


With proper dexterity and athletic skill.

He caught the great bird with his shinny chrome grill.

Just one mistake, that of the birds might.

It took out the grill and the head light.


“Oh, what will I do with my car that is broke?”

“My car repair budget is really a joke.”

For teacher appreciation some plans had been made.

So, now to the rescue came his 5th grade.


With pennies and nickels and quarters galore.

It all added up to just the right score.

Isn’t God great, as we can now see.

Mr. Muller has now a turkey buzzard trophy.