My Biography

I started life as a desert rat, being born in the middle of the Mohave desert in Twenty-nine Palms, California.  My father was in training to be a glider pilot.  He bravely flew three missions in his Waco glider into France, Germany and Holland.  By God’s grace he made it back.  After WWII he returned to his former calling as a preacher and I a P.K.

     My love for music stems from constant church attendance and singing special music by age five.  My first real recollection of poetry was in the 6th grade when we studied Joyce Kilmer’s, “Trees” which I still know.  The teacher gave us an assignment to write a short poem.  To my surprise my dad was called to the school and I was accused of plagiarism.  I was too young to even know what that was but my poem must have been good enough for the teacher to think I had copied it.  Poetry soon took a back seat to other activities, such as hunting, fishing, motorcycles and girls.

     I had the privilege of attending Bob Jones Academy my last two years.  I almost got expelled one week before my graduation for writing the senior class song, “Bye, Bye Bob Jones” to the tune of “Bye, Bye Black Bird.”  I was not trying to be critical, which was not tolerated in Academy students.  It was just my attempt at humorous parody, which has gotten me into trouble more than once.

     I transferred to Pillsbury Baptist Bible College where in my junior year I met Gladys Forsberg.  After a whirlwind romance of 17 weeks (of which 7 weeks we spent apart) we were married on Aug. 15, 1964 in her home church in Canton, South Dakota. We have enjoyed a 43 year honeymoon, which now includes 3 daughters and seven grandchildren.

     Upon graduation from Garland Bible College in Texas, I became the music and youth pastor for over 3 years in Oak Lawn, Illinois.  Then pastor for more than 6 years in Racine, Wisconsin.  Next I served as pastor for 11 years in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois.  Later I served as pastor for 3 years in Carlisle, Indiana.

          Music has always been one of my greatest interests.  Besides parodies I have enjoyed writing more than 20 Christian songs which I have sung at Grace Baptist Church where we are members.  My oldest daughter, Michelle’s husband, Kurt Petterson is the church music director.  He has been a skillful help at arranging my music, being a very gifted pianist.

     This website is the brain child and work of love by my youngest daughter Carolyn Clay and her husband Matthew. (not to be confused with an apostle by the same name.) Our middle daughter Kimberly Watkins lives about a mile away with her husband James. (also not an apostle) She would appreciate your prayers as she has a special needs child with a terminal illness called “Batten’s disease.” 

      As I said earlier, poetry took a distant backseat only appearing now and then until the last few years.  On 3/10/07 I suffered a stroke which left me partially paralyzed on my left side and ended my hopes of performing at Carnagee Hall, (just kidding)  After spending almost a year feeling sorry for myself and watching game shows on T.V. (yet not receiving the million dollars for the answers I gave),  I felt led to write Bible based poetry from a fundamentalist point of view.  I had all this Bible training and a love for poetry, so why not combine the two?

     I enjoy writing birthday, anniversary, and special occasion poems for my wife, daughters and grandkids.  Some are philosophical but most are on the humorous side.  I also enjoy writing for friends on special occasions including weddings, memorials, anniversaries and humorous events.

     If you have a special occasion or event to which you can supply the details, for a small fee I would be glad to try my hand at putting them into verse.  I cannot guarantee they will please everyone, but the ones I have written so far have met with success.  I will include a few samples in a special section entitled, “Personalized Poetry”. 

     I have no inflated ego supposing that my work would ever be published but I hope they could be a blessing and help to others.  I also hope they could be used by Pastors for sermons, in bulletins, Sunday school etc.

Feel free to use them with my blessing.  My only request is that you leave the author’s name with the poem.  I would love to have any feedback you care to give.  You could be a vital part of this ministry by passing this website along to others.  Also your prayers would be greatly appreciated.   It could be another way God’s Word is spread around the world. 


In the service of the King of Kings,


Rev. Dean E. Beaty