By Dean Beaty   3/3/08


My brand new used thesaurus just arrived today.

Now new words I can look up. And these I will convey.

Words perhaps youíve never heard, such big long fancy words.

Now words will come in bunches, maybe even herds.

I like words that mean great things and make a lot of sense.

Words perhaps like malevolence, = bad, without defense.

The thumb index is really great. Itís use, a real trick.

Finding words is lots of fun and now itís also quick.

Keep your wit and humor your dictionary close by

For brand new words are coming.  Perhaps theyíll seem to fly.

If the words are difficult, perhaps more Herculean.

The bigger print helps me a lot.  Itís easier to see Ďem.

If my new presumptuousness, gets into the way.

It means my new thesaurus, has just arrived today.