From your sweetheart

Dean  Beaty   11/24/07


Oh how much you have grown up.

Youíre no longer like a spring pup.

Like the girl of just eighteen,

That became my bridal queen.

But I guess this fact is true.

Look at me, itís not you.

But when youíre lying next to me,

That eighteen year old is what I see.

As I wander through the years

It brings both love and joy and tears.

It could have never have been that way

If not for our own August day.

There you changed your name to mine,

And our lives have been divine.

Oh, thereís been a bumpy road,

And now you bare a double load.

This could make some want to quit,

But my gal has a lot of grit.

Stamina, strength, and beauty too,

No wonder Iím so pleased with you.

Now there is just one thing more.

Just as easy as shutting a door.

It doesnít take much skill or might.

Would you please turn off the light!