By   Dean  Beaty   3/15/08


This is a message from out of the womb.

ďI got to get out, thereís just no leg room.Ē

Dear Uncle Matt; I canít wait to meet,

Someone to help me to stand on my feet.


Iím tired of lying flat on my back.

I hear that walking takes quite a knack.

It wonít be long Iíll learn how to run.

Then we can have barrels of fun.


Nicholas and I, we might like to fish.

There are so many things that I wish.

We could go hunting for pheasant or deer.

I just canít wait to get out of here.


So Uncle Matt, Iím ready to go.

I have a ball, teach me to throw.

Then thereís computers, I donít know a thing.

At teaching computers I hear youíre the king.


                        Looking forward to seeing you,


                         Jackson Wyatt Clay