By Rev. Dean Beaty 1/26/03

Though Naaman was a general,
  His leprosy was bad.
But Naaman had a servant girl,
  Whose heart was very sad.
She said, “Elisha is God’s man,
  If he can’t cure you, no one can.”
So Naaman went on her advice.
  For he would pay most any price.
Elisha said, “Go take a ride,
  And bathe in muddy Jordan.”
But Naaman’s heart was full of pride,
  He turned for home again.
But then his men persuaded him.
  “Just go to Jordan, take a swim.”
So Naaman went on their advice,
  For he would pay most any price.
He almost didn’t become cured.
  For he was full of pride.
When Jordan’s water he endured,
  His men yelled out and cried.

“Look at your skin it’s whole again.”
  When you obey you always win.
So listen to this wise advice.
  Obedience is worth the price.