Daniel 4:29-37

By Rev. Dean  Beaty   2/24/08


Once was a king, Nebuchadnezzar by name.

He loved to boast of all of his fame.

But God had warned, Dont brag on your self.

Humble your pride or be put on the shelf.


One day he looked upon his great land.

See what Ive done.  Isnt it grand?

And God saw his heart all swelled up with pride.

This is a sin God cannot abide.


Then came a weird, most strange paradox.

God made him eat green grass like an ox.

For seven long years he lived in this way.

Until his sense came to him one day.


He learned to not strut in his stride.

Never again would he speak with pride.

Pride was the first sin ever revealed.

And its the last in us to be healed.