John 6:37  By Rev. Dean  Beaty   3/14/08
Some of the greatest words, no doubt,
“I will in no wise cast you out.”
These are the words that Jesus said.
Knowing they’re true removes all dread.
Think of the people that you know,
Who say of heaven, “I hope so.”
No certainty of what’s ahead,
Left with fear of death instead.
Once you’ve placed your faith in Him,
You never have to doubt again.
His words remove all fear and doubt.
“I will in no wise cast you out.”
The price God paid to purchase us,
Was His Son He gave, and thus,
We are purchased to be cherished.
So then, “They shall never perish.”(John 11:54)
If you’re doubting what you’ve heard,
Then you’re doubting God’s own word.
Can it be more sure than this?
In Christ’s hand, is heaven’s bliss.